About Swiedel

Welcome to SWIEDEL art! Pronounced: SWEE DELL. My name is Shelly Wiedel and I have always had a love for art but never pursued it until about a year ago. I have 2 wild, amazing little girls, a dog named Reeces Puppy Cups, a hard-working husband who always makes us laugh and an amazing group of friends and family.

I have lived and breathed the retail world as an employee and business owner most my adult life and once my girls were born, things changed. I was a stay at home Mom and didn't realize it would be my biggest life challenge. Its so hard yet so rewarding to be able to stay home with my girls as I’m sure many can relate. We started doing art projects together and sharing great pride in our creations! The girls wanted to do more and more and I watched them blossom into amazing little artists, which has become my inspiration!

I became a student and I starting watching artists at work online and I was blown away. I started specifically researching resin artists and how to videos. Once all my supplies arrived, I was addicted. I was doing resin on anything I could get my hands on including my cell phone, plates, jewelry pendants, canvases, wood pieces and ceramic tiles. My girls and I now do art almost daily and find we spend more time doing art than most anything else. I never intended to sell my pieces, but as our friends and family noticed the game room in our home was now my art studio, they wanted my creations!

In a short time I realized my passion had translated into a talent and now a business! I’ve never been happier and more proud from what started as simple projects with my little girls . I genuinely hope you enjoy SWIEDEL ART!

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